Jan 15, 2016 · Netflix is now available in almost every country in the world, with the notable exception of China. Netflix has previously said it hoped to launch in China during 2016, and floated the notion of

Jul 16, 2019 Here's how we tear apart Netflix's pricing Jun 09, 2020 I already have a US Netflix axcount. When … - netflix I live in Sweden and bought a cheap 12-month U.S Netflix code online. I still see the Swedish Netflix selection as I'm in Sweden. The only difference is that "My List" will only work in the country you got the subscription. So you won't be able to use My List on the German Netflix, only on the U.S. Netflix members with a streaming-only plan can watch TV shows and movies instantly in over 190 countries. The content that is available to stream may vary by location, and will change from time to time.

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Where is Netflix available?

Jan 15, 2016