Jun 29, 2020 · The official app for setting up and controlling your Sonos products. Sonos is the premium wireless sound system that makes it simple to fill your home with brilliant sound for music, home theater, and more. Customize your system with speakers, soundbars, and components that connect over WiFi. Stream any song, podcast, audiobook, or radio station to any room, and elevate your TV, movie, and

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Jul 26, 2017 · How to set up music streaming services using the Sonos Controller app for Mac. Sonos supports a TON of music services, including Apple Music (though, you have to set up Apple Music through the iPhone or iPad app). If you’ve got a subscription, then you have access through Sonos! Here’s how to set ’em up! Launch the Sonos Controller app

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How to set up Sonos speakers and control them on an iPhone

Apr 03, 2016 · Two Sonos Play:1, two Play:3, or two Play:5 (gen 2) Or, the Sonos Home Theater bundle; Note: You need two of the same Sonos speaker models for them to work as rear surround. How to set up a 5.1 surround home theater system with Sonos with iPhone and iPad. The easiest way to get started is factory reset all of the speakers that you have set up Jul 02, 2019 · There’s a handful of ways to set your Sonos up, including using an Ethernet cable and using a Sonos Boost. If you’re looking to set your speaker up using Wi-Fi, you’ll want to use Standard Jul 26, 2017 · How to factory reset your Sonos speaker; How to set up your Sonos speakers using the Sonos Controller app for Mac. Download the free Sonos Controller from the iTunes store and away you go! Launch the Sonos Controller app from your dock or from the Finder. Click Next on the welcome screen. Click Set up New System. This is one of the easiest wireless surround sound systems to set up. Simply place the speakers you choose to the left and right of your couch, then open up the Sonos app, add a surround speaker