Jan 16, 2018

Optimizing Performance The RECV_BUF_SIZE and SEND_BUF_SIZE parameters specify sizes of socket buffers associated with an Oracle Net connection. To ensure the continuous flow of data and better utilization of network bandwidth, specify the I/O buffer space limit for receive and send operations of sessions with the RECV_BUF_SIZE and SEND_BUF_SIZE parameters. Java Socket setSendBufferSize() Method - Javatpoint The parameter 'size' represents the size to which the send buffer size is set. Return. NA. Throws. IllegalArgumentException - if the size is 0 or less than zero. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: negative send size at java.net.Socket.setSendBufferSize(Socket.java:1193) at com.javaTpoint TCP send/receive buffer size - Micro Focus Community - 1759092

The sender tries to adjust its own send buffer size to the one received and acknowledges by setting a special descriptor flag in the header of the next outgoing block. Design and implementation of the fast send …

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Nov 25, 2013

int uv_send_buffer_size (uv_handle_t* handle, int* value) ¶ Gets or sets the size of the send buffer that the operating system uses for the socket. If *value == 0, then it will set *value to the current send buffer size. If *value > 0 then it will use *value to set the new send buffer size. On success, zero is returned. What values may Linux use for the default unix socket