Linux will still work with these devices, but you may end up paying more for the computer due to licensing fees from the operating system. If you want to keep the operating system, you can still install Linux. Due to the operating system’s lightweight nature, it’s a perfect candidate for dual-boot setups.

10 Best Open Source Operating System 2020 - Techigem Nov 12, 2019 11 Best portable operating systems as of 2020 - Slant The recommend media size for puppy Linux is at least 400MB, which means it will fit on MiniCDs, CDs, DVDs, USB drives, and External Hard drives. It is better to use a USB drive with at least 4GB of storage space for optimal usage. The operating system itself will take up around 400MB, and you will have about 3.5GB of space for your files. See More

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May 28, 2019 8 Best Open Source Operating System 2020

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Jan 11, 2020 Best Linux Distros in 2020 for Beginner, Experienced and Jun 12, 2020 7 Best OS for TOR 2020 - deepwebsiteslinks 7 Best OS for TOR - Do you want to access the deep web in your computer and looking highly secure operating system that protects your privacy with anonymity, let's check top 7 anonymous os like Whonix, TAILS, Qubes, Kali Linux, TrueOS, Subgraph OS, Mofo Linux Best Linux Books for Beginners & Experts 2020