Jan 11, 2020

The son of another Formula 1 legend, Nelson Piquet Jr. was out to prove his inherited talent and was snapped up by the Renault F1 team in 2008. While Piquet did show little spikes of talent, his career was extremely underwhelming due to the fact that he had to retire 11 times of the 28 races he competed in. F1 2018 best races: Vote for your favourite race F1’s managing director Ross Brawn recently posited the idea of a league table for race venues, with the best tracks sitting pretty at the top of the league while the worst fight for F1 calendar 2020 F1 Driver Head-to-Heads: Who’s winning after three races? 19 hours ago · A note on the categories: Race is who finished higher on a Sunday.I don’t include races where one driver DNF’d, unless it was clearly their fault that they did so. Qualifying is who finished higher on a Saturday.. Qualifying margin is the average gap between both drivers, across all three weekends so far, for the last qualifying session in which they both set a time. Top 5 Kimi Raikkonen races | PlanetF1 May 25, 2019

Jul 01, 2020

Ranking the Top 25 Circuits in the History of Formula 1

Top 10 wet weather drives in Formula 1 - Motorsport

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