Named from town of Arp, 6 mi north of mapped area, in southeastern Smith Co., northeastern TX. Source: US geologic names lexicon (USGS Bull. 1200, p. 141). Usage in publication:

ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) and its role in computer Dec 13, 2019 MS-DOS and Windows command line arp command May 21, 2018 ARP Commands - Cisco Sep 28, 2017

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ARP poisoning/spoofing: How to detect & prevent it Jan 30, 2019 2.1. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) An even rarer usage of ARP is gratuitous ARP, where a machine announces its ownership of an IP address on a media segment. The arping utility can generate these gratuitous ARP frames. Linux kernels will respect gratuitous ARP frames [12]. Example 2.2. Gratuitous ARP reply frames

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When ARP is used by a host in a LAN, then it is broadcast because the host does not know where is the destination host, but a router knows which interface it must use to get to the next router. Then does it really need ARP. It can just put the packet on the interface through which it can reach the other router. Acute Resuscitation Plan (for adults) | Clinical While usage of the ARP form by other services and facilities is authorised by Queensland Health, it is the responsibility of medical practitioners and other health professionals completing the ARP form or using a completed ARP form, without limitation, to independently and adequately satisfy themselves of all relevant matters to the standards