Next, I assigned an IP address to the router. My primary router has the IP address, so I gave to my secondary router. Finally I gave both WiFi networks the same name (SSID) and set them to use the same password. Once configured, devices connected to our WiFi network will automatically switch between routers when needed.

Jun 25, 2020 I want to connect 2 Wi-Fi routers to create 2 separate Jun 27, 2020 What’s the Difference Between 2.4 and 5-Ghz Wi-Fi (and Oct 21, 2018 Is it possible to create multiple Wi-Fi networks using one

Oct 02, 2008 · Hence that is what needs to be configured on DD-WRT’s “Setup -> Basic Setup” screen (the “Router Local IP” should be set to which would dictate the subnet to be Note that “” is just an example – you would want to use something that is appropriate for your network – e.g. “”

Mar 07, 2009 · Above answer is correct, if you want 2 separate networks, you have to set up 2 routers, possibly in series. However, remember to use different subnets on the second router, like if the first is Otherwise traffic will not route properly from the second network.

Setup virtual wireless networks, sharing your Internet connection with other portable devices, thanks to this handy piece of software. What's new in Virtual WiFi Router 3.2.1: New:

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